Terms & Conditions

If you booked your accommodation with Paul Rhodes - JDV Holidays Cote d'Azur - click here to view your terms and conditions

If you booked your accommodation with Colin & Helen Bowles - JDV Holidays Provence & Languedoc Roussillon-  click here to view your terms and conditions  

If you booked your accommodation with Clement Michael- JDV Holidays Provence East -  click here to view your terms and conditions

If you are unsure which region the property you have chosen falls into, please contact any member of the team for clarification

Upon written confirmation from JDV Holidays (JDV) that your holiday reservation is accepted, a formal contract is formed between you (the holidaymaker) and the Property Supplier (the Property Owner) who agrees to provide your holiday accommodation.  JDV are not party to this contract and act only as an intermediary between you and the Property Owner.

COVID19 impacted reservations - JDV holidays are a small, specialist holiday company and we will do our best to be as flexible as possible should your holiday accommodation reservation be impacted by COVID19.

If you are prohibited from travelling to/from or across France to reach your chosen holiday accommodation, as a direct result of COVID19 Government regulations in your home country or France, we will endeavour to assist you in choosing new holiday dates in the future.

Any payment already made to JDV Holidays will be retained to secure your new holiday dates.

Please ensure you have comprehensive travel/cancellation insurance should you choose to cancel your stay at a time when travel to your accommodation is permitted.  This includes, but is not limited to, your choice to cancel as you do not wish isolate in France or upon your return home, you do not wish to wear a mask, the shops, markets restaurants being closed, or a COVID19 curfew.

It is your responsibility to ensure you are fully COVID19 vaccinated and have obtained the correct documentation and testing required to travel to France.

For more specific details about COVID19 regulations for your chosen holiday accommodation and dates, please contact us.