Why JDV?

With the huge expansion in the number of offers advertised on the internet during these times, many "internauts" in search of the ideal French holiday at JDV will be wondering why our company should bring home the far better bacon. So read on.


Let's look briefly at the three main electronic advertising mechanisms. The first one on the scene was a small selection of professional holiday rental portals. As the public made leaps and bounds in their computer proficiency and many other companies provided hosting services and webtools, property owners pounced on the opportunity to produce (or have produced) their own websites. Then there is JDV, which has grown steadily over the last 16 years. A modest-sized business with 6 enterprising partners managing lettings for some 250 properties, specialised in the South of France.


Many holiday-makers may not know that, according to our search in 2016, there are 48 main professional holiday rental portals, but they all fit snugly under a single US-American holding company. They may all have their own visual characteristics and marketing policies, but they are still under single control. An advantage is that they provide automatic translation services (sometimes also professionally edited), and they certainly do a good job. But there is no personal touch - this is BIG business, so don't try to even look for an agent with whom to discuss your next holiday. And if you do find a "customer service" number, you will quickly realise that personal advice is not his forte - he may well be sitting at the other end of the world. If it comes to a complaint, this is often passed on from one agent to another, so there is a total lack of continuity as is so often the case with large corporations.


Move on, then, to the individual property-owner websites. Also beautifully presented, perhaps, but are you happy to trust your deposit with a total stranger who may only speak broken English? Sure, almost all will probably turn out to be bona fide, but you are committing a lot of money and will want to avoid a disaster at the last moment at all costs. Ring the owner, hope that his command of English is adequate to comprehend the nuances of your special wishes and get a personal service - if the owner happens to have the right personality for a long phone call. Well, we JDV partners do!


If you book through JDV you will get a welcoming personal service - just talk to us about your requirements on the phone and correspond at will by email. Our replies to queries are not automated! And we know our portfolio of owners personally. We have seen their properties, made suggestions for improvements, and helped on determining the tariff. Our website is transparent (no pop-up charges after your decision has been made), and our property descriptions are comprehensive. We have also supported our holiday-makers in emergencies on several occasions. We know the extent to which this is appreciated, and that one day they will come back to us.


Small is beautiful, and so are independence and transparency. Living in the area is a convincing commitment to our business. Of course we have to finance our service, as do the "others", the big ones, so we take a percentage of the rental you pay. Believe us, our charges are worth it. Give us a ring and talk to us, even if you are not intending to plan your holiday in the immediate future. Try out the personal touch. And then come back to us with confidence when the time is ripe!

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