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France. yes, you can

Joie de Vivre Holidays is a member of ABTOF,
The Association of British Travel Organisers to France

What they say about us

Joie de Vivre is a business that is built on the satisfaction of our holidaymakers.

Have great confidence in your selection of sites and knowledge of the properties in the region which personalises the service.

Mr C, Eire, Sept 2005

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Why book with Joie de Vivre?

A holiday is one of the most important and costly purchase decisions of the year. At Joie de Vivre, we appreciate this and we understand how incredibly important your holiday is. We believe that a holiday booked through Joie de Vivre is a very well spent investment and there are a number of reasons for this:

Why book with Joie De Vivre - Property
  • We spend a lot of time searching for high quality properties and a member of Joie de Vivre team has visited them all.
  • We only accept properties on our books that match our own quality expectations and that we are sure will meet the high standards expected by our clients.
  • We always reject properties that turn out to be diasappointing in real life, ensuring that what you see is what you get.
Why book with Joie De Vivre - Language
  • We write a clear, detailed and thorough description on our website in comprehensive English giving our customers an honest and clear picture of each property.
  • All our team members are fluent in the local language ensuring excellent liaison with all our property owners.
Why book with Joie De Vivre - Security
  • Our clients understand that they get the benefit of added security and peace of mind for their money, dealing with an established and reputable organisation.
  • In todays uncertain times of currency fluctuations, Joie de Vivre take away the uncertainty by fixing your holiday price on the day that you book.
  • By booking with Joie de Vivre, you also benefit from the option to pay by credit card, which affords you further security and financial protection from your credit card company.
  • We are also full members of ABTOF (the Association of British Travel Organisers to France) which is an industry body representing companies like ourselves who specialise in France.
Why book with Joie De Vivre - Help
  • We always reply promptly to your intial enquiry in order to answer any questions you may have.
  • We co-ordinate your arrival information, any special requests and information that you may want to send the owner.
Why book with Joie De Vivre - Arrival style=
  • We always send you clear precise directions on how to arrive at the property and a detailed Information Sheet about the property.

Having spent lots of time in the areas in which we operate, we are delighted to advise clients with our personal recommendations, be it places to visit, places to eat, places to shop or just how to get away from it all.