Hiking in the Luberon

Provence is a holiday must for all lovers of hiking. There is a vast array of choice when it comes to routes and trails, most notably those which are part of the “GR” system. GR stands for “chemin de grande randonnée” which translates as a long distance hiking trail. These paths are recognisable by red and white lines painted on to them.

The Luberon is a firm favourite walking location amongst avid hikers. You can discover a whole host of villages when following the numerous routes as they link villages to each other. Walk the way you want to by choosing with guided tours or choose your own route and go for it! Don’t think you will be left out if you have children with you as there are many which are accessible for even little legs. By walking around the countryside you can experience the true, natural beauty of Provence. One minute you could be walking through a beautiful little village and climbing a mountain the next. There is even a National Park surrounding the mountainous region so you can be assured that it is protected.

The best times to go hiking in the Luberon are during autumn, winter and spring. The summer months do get extremely hot so if you do choose to do so, try and go early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Don’t forget to take water! Choose from a range of luxury accommodation to relax in after a strenuous day of hiking.

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